Recycle Used Motor Oil

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A lot of folks like to change their own motor oil and filter. In fact, over four million Americans handle their own oil changes. The average cost of a do-it-yourself oil change is around $35-75 (or $65-$125 if it's synthetic oil). That includes the fresh oil, oil filter, and oil drain plug gasket.
As far as tools, all you need is a socket wrench and a socket to fit your drain plug. It is also a good idea to pick up an oil filter wrench. You have to get your car up off the ground in order to get under it and that will require the purchase of a set of solid steel auto ramps. You can get them from your local auto parts store for about $70. The thing is, taking your car to a Lithia Motors dealer might actually be cheaper. But if you enjoy handling DIY oil changes on your vehicle, there are a few things to consider when it comes to getting rid of that used motor oil.

How is Motor Oil Recycled?

The process of reconditioning used motor oil removes all the impurities found in the oil such as water and small bits of metal from your engine. Additives are then added so that the oil can be used again. The re-refining process goes through the same process as refining motor oil and is qualified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) using the same standards as crude oil. It is then repackaged for sale. The re-refined oil can be used as new oil.

Why Recycle?

Recycling your used motor oil keeps it from polluting our soil and water. Used oil contains such hazardous contaminants as arsenic, benzene, cadmium, chromium, dioxins, lead, and polycyclic aromatics. If disposed of inappropriately, it can cause harm to humans, plants, animals, and fish. In water, oil slicks stop sunlight and oxygen from getting into the water, affecting birds, frogs, fish, water plants and other animals that breathe from the water's surface.
Recycling motor oil uses less energy to produce re-refined base stock than from using crude oil. It takes 42 gallons of crude oil to make 2.5 quarts of refined motor oil, but only one gallon of re-refined used oil to produce the same 2.5 quarts of new oil. Re-refined oil for your car has to meet all the same extremely stringent standards in refining, compounding, and performance as virgin oil. It passes all the prescribed laboratory tests and field studies required, and in some cases, re-refined oil even outperforms virgin motor oil.