2022 BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series Individual Verde Ermes
Did you know that the 5 Series was the first line of BMW sedans that used "Series" in the name? 
The high-end executive car hit the scene in 1972 to many accolades for its precision and up-scale accoutrements in an autobahn-ready performance package. It is currently in its seventh generation and is the best-selling BMW model after the 3 Series.
For BMW fans the 5 Series has long been the hallmark of German engineering and has been sought after by upwardly mobile professionals for decades. The 5 Series has become more elegant and refined over the years and the current generation is comfortable and spacious for long trips, offering well-equipped luxury with a starting MSRP of just $54,200. New for 2022, the 5 Series loses such optional features as remote start and wireless smartphone charging. Parking assistance and Executive packages are only available on the top tier M550i model. The mid-range 540i offers the best value in the line and comes standard with rear-wheel drive though all-wheel drive is an available option. We suggest adding the Convenience package as it brings you heated front seats and other goodies. Technology on the 5 is right up there with such rivals as the Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz E-class including driver assist tech that comes close to autonomous travel.

The Next Level Sedan

 Once you hit the start button, you'll notice that the GPS map appears in the center of the gauge cluster screen as well as on the large infotainment touch screen. A button to the left side of the steering wheel allows you to cycle through on-screen options so you can check out your horsepower and torque, or you can choose a G-force meter, see what driving mode you are in, see the local speed limit and more.
The car has the aforementioned excellent eight-speed transmission, and the shifter knob allows you to put it in manual mode so you can use the paddle shifters on the steering wheel. It gets up to speed quickly and is quiet and serene in the cabin. There is very little road noise or wind noise inside. The ride is smooth and extremely comfortable.
Sheer Perfection
Even in comfort mode, the sedan handles remarkably well. It takes corners like, well, like a BMW. We can only imagine what the M performance version might be like. In sport mode the gauge cluster changes and the exhaust adjusts to send out a throaty roar when you give it the gas. You'll feel more of a performance edge to the shifts as well. Power out of a corner and you'll be impressed with what this four-cylinder engine can do.
This is a practical, everyday driver and a great place to be on your commute to and from work. The driver's seating position is sheer perfection. There's also great visibility and the backup camera helps with parking and backing up chores. Overall, the BMW 5-Series brings you incredible comfort, luxury, and performance in a perfect package for you and your family. One word to describe the 2022 5 Series? Refined. MSRP starts at $54,200.