New 2022 Porsche 911 GT3

2022 Porsche 911 GT3 Pulling out of a garage
The purest 911.
Let's answer your most burning question first. Yes, it is fast! The all-new 12th generation GT3 race car by Porsche's GT division bests the acceleration of its previous brother, the 2018 GT3. Are you sitting down? Alright. The 2022 911 GT3 can rocket you from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 2.7 seconds. And, yes, you will have to retrieve your face from the back of your head afterwards.
The former incarnation of the GT3 managed a zero to 60 time of 3.1 seconds. A quarter mile run in the new 911 happens in 10.8 seconds versus 11.2 seconds in the older GT3. So, how does this new Porsche manage such astounding numbers? The key may be in the further development of the automaker's excellent launch-control system. The car now red lines at 9,000 rpm and manages a clean launch from zero to 30 miles per hour in exactly one second. The idea behind the GT3 is to bring you pure thrills in a Porsche race-ready package. This new GT3 is therefore the purest 911 ever.

Technical Basis

For the first time on a 911 road car, this GT3 sports a control-arm front suspension as well as a top-mounted "swan neck" rear wing. The standard transmission is still a six-speed manual, though a quicker, seven-speed twin-clutch automated-manual PDK gearbox is available, and it is excellent.

The PDK is basically two gearboxes in one. It features hydraulically actuated wet-clutch packs to lubricate the transmission parts and, depending on the gear, alternate power to the engine via two separate driveshafts. When a gear is selected, the other gearbox chooses the next. As one clutch opens, the other closes in rapid time, making gear changes almost unnoticeable. Plus, wet clutches don't overheat when you are blasting around the racetrack.

Improving on the iconic brand, Porsche has managed to unleash the most spirited GT3 ever. The key is that naturally aspirated, high revving, rear-wheel drive, straight-six engine. It comes with the most remarkable sound from the exhaust of any Porsche… ever. If that burbling shriek doesn't wake you up, there may be no hope for you. On the track, with no turbochargers, this car is absolute perfection. You'll feel like a kid who borrowed your dad's race car and is driving it like you stole it.

Behind The Wheel

This is the first road going 911 with race car style suspension up front. It has double wishbones which helps the tires maintain alignment through the compression stroke of the suspension, thus increasing the contact patch of the tire for better handling. This allows the car to stay extremely stable in all road conditions. The GT3 is all about grip and the G forces produced are beyond belief.

But the true star of this car is the steering. While luxury sports sedans such as those made by BMW turn into corners aggressively, feeling the car's weight shift with every corner, the GT3 feels like a hummingbird, darting about with ease. It is light as a whisper, weighing in at just 3,100 pounds. Even with its weight positioned toward the rear, it never understeers, maintaining perfect manners as it slices into corners with the greatest of ease.
On the track, with the traction and stability controls off is where the GT3 is at its absolute best. The car is completely competent, damping is amazing and communication to the driver is first class. No matter how hard you twist it by the ear, the 911 lets you know it has plenty more power for you to explore. If you are a race enthusiast, this car will make you a better driver. For pure hooligan thrills, who needs a Turbo?

Pure Porsche.

When you consider the Porsche family of excellent sports cars, you might imagine the GT3 as the high-revving father of the line. The 911 Carrera, Targa, GTS, and Turbo models all owe their prowess and pedigree to the noble GT3. The new 2022 GT3 is the purest expression for four wheeled joy in the Porsche line-up. In a world of high-tech wonder vehicles, the simple 911 remains a rear-wheel drive, naturally aspirated expression of pure fun.
This GT3 keeps the driver confident and connected to the road like a go-kart on rails. The ride is firm but never punishing and the electrically assisted steering is perfection itself. It is light, nimble and incredibly responsive. What more could you possibly ask for in a Porsche? We think this is the best GT3 ever.
With the coming of zero-emission electrification as seen in the ground-breaking Taycan Turbo S, this could well be the swan song of the fire-breathing, gasoline-powered 911 GT3. At least it will drive into the sunset in true style.