2023 Toyota Prius

The Fifth Gen Prius
The car that introduced most of us to the word "hybrid" in connection to an automobile is now in its Fifth Generation with all new forward-thinking design, vastly improved looks, even more fuel economy, and a new word for the Prius... "Performance." The world's first mass produced hybrid appeared as a four-door sedan in 1997 but soon morphed into the famous lift-back-people-mover that set the world on fire back in 2003. Toyota had sold one million of these by 2008, two million by 2010, and three million by 2013. Today, the Prius is the world's top selling hybrid with over five million sold.

An All-New Look

The new Prius has transformed the traditional Prius look from a dumpy bar of soap into a sleek and sporty hatchback sedan that offers more than ever before. To begin with, all three trim levels of the hybrid use the same 194 horsepower, 2-liter inline four gasoline engine married to an electric motor and continuously variable transmission. It is the same package used in the successful Corolla Cross hybrid.

The new Prius brings drivers the most horses ever offered, comes in a front-wheel drive base model but kicks up to 196 hp in its all-wheel drive variants thanks to a larger magnet in the rear motor. It is totally new inside and out with a cleaner interior, larger touchscreen, and heated seats front and back in the upper trim levels. However, those sexy looks make the cabin a tad smaller. The fifth gen car has a lower roofline and seating position by two inches over last year's model.
 This 2023 Prius is based on Toyota's TNGA-C platform, which is more rigid, weighs less, and offers a lower center of gravity than previous models. The redesign is 1.1 inches longer, 1.6 inches lower, and about an inch wider than previous version and the overall wheelbase is 2.0 inches longer. The base LE model comes with 17-inch wheels while the XLE and Limited versions have 19-inch wheels. All come with taller Michelin All-Season tires.

Wrap it Up

In years past, the Prius was only known for its ability to save you money at the gas pump. Now it has become a much more complete vehicle that is better looking, better to drive, and even offers something akin to actual road performance. All this plus it gets better mileage than ever before. For those interested in quarter mile times, the new Prius trims 2.3 seconds off its old time and does it 13 miles per hour quicker than before taking the quarter mile in 15.5-seconds. No Prius has ever done that before.
Another thing to consider is that you get more of everything with this car including better performance and better gas mileage for only $1,100 more than last year's model. Suggested starting price of the base LE model starting at an MSRP of $28,545 and all-wheel drive can be had for just $1,400 more. We think the all-new fifth generation Prius was well worth the wait.
  • Base LE model - Starting at an MSRP of $28,545
  • XLE model - Starting at an MSRP of $31,990
  • Limited model - Starting at an MSRP of $35,560