Advantages of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Car

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Why a Certified Pre-Owned?
You've been thinking of buying a new or used car and you're weighing your options. You've been checking the Internet for cars in your price range and maybe you have a specific make and model of car in mind. When it comes to new cars, you're probably surprised at how high many new vehicle prices are but the factory incentives and rebates are interesting and alluring. Maybe you worry about making high monthly payments. Your research tells you that lightly used cars offer more reasonable prices. However, those vehicles don't generally come with a warranty or only the remainder of a factory warranty. Plus, you're concerned about buying someone else's problems.  

There is another option that is both affordable and secure that offers protection for the buyer and vehicles that are as close to brand new as you'll find anywhere. We're talking about certified pre-owned cars (CPO) and almost every brand offers CPO warranty programs that include many perks and benefits. Why buy a certified pre-owned car? Let's find out about the advantages.  
In closing  
Many lightly-used cars are not able to meet the high standards required by a certified pre-owned vehicle policy. That alone tells you that the cars that have made the grade to pass the rigorous inspection and mileage requirements to qualify, are the best used cars on the market. The cost savings and peace of mind alone are good enough reasons to consider a CPO.  

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