How to get the Best Deal on a Used Car

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The Used Car Landscape
If you're looking to sell your car for cash or trade it in on a used or Certified Pre-Owned Car, it's important to understand what the current used car market is all about. Demand for your used car is at an all-time high and that can be a benefit to you. Dealerships are looking for good used cars and will pay more for them than you might think. However, because we are currently in a time where used vehicles are scarce, that can mean finding the vehicle you want may be a challenge.

How We Got Here

Since the pandemic, when production of new cars, trucks, and SUVs by automakers ramped down dramatically, consumers turned to quality used vehicles to purchase. One of the many reasons that more people decided to own their own cars was due to potentially risky public transportation and ridesharing during COVID.

Keep in mind that used car prices traditionally hit their peak in the spring tax refund season and that prices drop somewhat in the summer. That may not be the case in these post-pandemic times. There are many reasons for this. For instance, rental car fleets used to be a source for used vehicles. But with air travel down, rental car companies have pulled back on new purchases, meaning that fewer used rental cars are available in the pipeline.
Leased vehicles used to feed the used car market as well. But in uncertain times, many consumers have extended the lease on their vehicle to avoid having to go into dealerships and many are actually purchasing their leased vehicles at the end of the lease, adding to the tightening of the used vehicle market.
All this together drove demand for used cars through the roof and led to a high demand for more used vehicles at dealerships. Unusually high prices on used cars has been the result and last year, prices on used vehicles rose an average of 26 percent over the previous year. So, the exact new car you want can be hard to find and so can a quality used vehicle. When you do find a great used car, expect to pay more for it. This means that finding the exact car of your dreams is often more difficult in the current high-demand market.
Don't be dismayed, because the high price on used cars has an upside for you. If you are selling your vehicle or trading it in toward another used vehicle, it is likely worth more and Lithia Motors is here to help you find the best deal on a used car. We've been in the personal transportation business for over 75 years and with over 260 dealerships all across America and Canada, we'll get you our best dollar for your used vehicle and help you find the car, truck, or SUV of your dreams.

Used Car Buying Tips

Thanks to online shopping and services such as Lithia Motors' Driveway, it is easy to extend the distance of your used vehicle search to well outside your immediate area. Since Driveway is a nationwide car buying, selling, and transport service, you can go online, find the car you want, get a seven-day guaranteed offer on your present car, even have your old car picked up and your new car delivered right to your... driveway.

Certified Pre-Owned

For those who are apprehensive about buying a vehicle without a test drive, Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles allow you to purchase a like-new car that is just a few years old and has no more than 60,000 miles on the odometer. You might pay a bit more for a CPO, but you'll have the peace of mind that comes with owning a vehicle that has been put through an extensive series of inspections to make sure it is in top-notch shape and even comes with a warranty. Some are even available with very low interest rates and come with such extras as roadside assistance. Plus, since new car sales were strong three or four years ago, there is still a good supply of CPO vehicles at dealerships.

Car History Reports

Once you have identified a vehicle that interests you, it is easy to get a vehicle history report. By going online to services such as AutoCheck or CarFax, you simply enter the vehicle's VIN number and you can get a full report of the car's history. These reports include how many owners the car has had, the service records on the vehicle so you'll know if it has been properly maintained, and you'll find out if it has ever been in any accidents. At Lithia Auto dealers, we offer a free vehicle history report so you'll know everything about your potential vehicle's background.
Let Lithia Help
Whether you're looking to trade your car for another car or need cash quick, your local Lithia Auto dealer wants to buy your vehicle. Trading in or selling your car to a Lithia Auto dealership is the simple, safe, fast, and easy way to get you into the ride of your dreams or put money in your pocket. Your Lithia Auto dealership will take care of the entire process for you.
Our professional staff is fully vetted and will calculate the trade-in value for your vehicle quick and easy. Then we'll offer you cash for your car or you can use it to trade for a vehicle at our dealership. You'll get an offer you can trust and it's good for seven days.
We'll buy your car whether you buy from us or not! We're one of the largest providers of personal transportation solutions in the U.S. and are among the fastest growing companies in the Fortune 500. We want to make your car selling and buying experience quick and easy with no hassles. Because at Lithia Motors, we want you as a customer for life! Find the Lithia Auto dealer near you here.