Tire Rotation

Show Your Tires You Care With Some Help From Our Lithia Stores

This is news to most of the customers who visit our Lithia Stores, but the front tires every new or used vehicle carry 50 to 60 percent of your car's weight. The team members at our onsite Auto Service Department prepare your tires for the various seasons and terrains they may face to ensure their quality lasts.

No one knows how to care for your tires better than our teams, located across the United States. Our certified mechanics and technicians have seen it all, thanks to our diverse customer base. Let us ask you this: when was the last time you checked the tread on your tires? How about their inflation? The difference between a collision and a close call could be the condition of your tires. Don't wait to discover they need some care before it's too late.

We also like to remind our customers about the importance of tire rotation. Periodically rotating the tires can help assure that they wear evenly and deliver great performance throughout their life. Additionally, keeping up with the vehicle's alignment and having the tire balanced every now and again help curb uneven tire wear. We are also happy to replace your tires with brand-new ones if they are already worn out.


Count on our technicians who are trained to find the perfect tires for your vehicles. We offer various brands and sizes, plus we can fit your car or SUV with the proper set of wheels. We hold quality above everything, and won't settle for anything less than seeing you drive off our lot in what we know is a safe vehicle. Use our convenient Online Store Locator today to find the tire experts nearest you. Stop by or give us a call to discuss all of your tire questions and concerns.

Looking for tire rotation info on the fly? Give our MyLithia Service App a try!


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