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If You're Looking for a Great New Car, Truck or SUV at a Fair Price, You've Arrived at the Right Car-Shopping Destination

New Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for Sale at Lithia Auto Stores

By choosing your new car, truck, or SUV at one of our Lithia Auto Stores dealerships, you'll get all the major benefits of:

  • The satisfaction of being the vehicle's first official owner (no miles, cleanest, etc.).
  • Having the latest vehicle design and technology amenities like Apple CarPlay®.
  • Peace of mind from a new car's factory-issued warranties and covered maintenance.
  • Getting the most advanced safety features (more airbags, rearview camera, etc.).

Buying your first vehicle is probably an experience you won't forget. From the new-car scent to modern amenities, investing in brand-new transportation means a fresh start for you.

Brand Variety - We Carry New Vehicles from All the Popular Automakers

Any Lithia Auto Stores customer looking for a new vehicle will find a comprehensive inventory consisting of well over a dozen makes and models. You'll never feel restricted when shopping for a new car, SUV, or truck. You'll find all the major automakers that you know and love. We want to give you a true understanding of what you're walking into at Lithia Auto Stores, so here's a quick sampling of the diversity in our inventory:

At Lithia Auto Stores, we have dealerships across the country, including Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, Iowa, and even Alaska and Hawaii. Between over 180 locations, we offer a tremendous selection of new cars, well over 40,000 vehicles for sale.

How to Decide Whether to Buy or Lease Your New Car from Lithia Auto Stores

When you've settled on your choice of the perfect new vehicle, the next question is do you buy or do you lease your new set of wheels? At Lithia Auto Stores, you'll have both options readily available. If you'd like to own your vehicle and build up years of long-term savings, investigate the perks of buying. If you're more intent on lower monthly payments and getting your repairs covered by a warranty, check out leasing. There are pros to both financing types, and our skilled team can help guide you to the right path for your new car.

Benefits of Buying a New Car from Us

What's the secret of Lithia Auto Stores and our success in the automotive industry? Our answer is easy. 

We provide an honest, simpler experience for our customers when buying and servicing new cars

With a straightforward process, we build greater confidence.

Another driving factor in our company's success is our commitment to local communities

From California to New York, every Lithia car dealership strives to make a personal connection to area drivers. We do this by getting involved with local organizations that positively impact members of the community. Showcasing neighborhood support goes hand-in-hand with our efforts to supply quality transportation in every state that we serve.

After browsing our new car listings online, locate a dealership near you where you can go and take a test drive in the new car that you have your eye on. From the moment you arrive at one of our car dealerships, you'll experience the honest, simpler approach that defines the Lithia Auto Stores experience. We look forward to your visit.