Car Buying Incentives for First Responders

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Thank you for all you do. 
America's first responders and healthcare workers do far more than save lives, they inspire hope and instill in us the greater belief that we as human beings can be more and do more in the world. To show great appreciation for their never-ending service to our country and our communities, many automakers offer discounts and incentives to our first responders when they purchase or lease a new vehicle. 
First responders such as police, firefighters, emergency response, and healthcare professionals are there for us when we need them most, and a number of excellent auto brands offer discounts and programs as a small gesture of thanks for all they do. 

  • For instance, General Motors' First Responders Discount offers savings of up to $2,000 on new 2022 models from Buick, GMC, Cadillac, and Chevrolet. Other automakers currently offering discounts to first responders include Ford/Lincoln, and FCA/Stellantis, including brands Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep. 
  • Automakers with some form of first responder incentive program include Hyundai, Mazda, Volvo, and Volkswagen and you'll find special discounts, incentives, and additional savings through local auto dealerships. 

How to get First Responder Savings

What are the requirements and how do you qualify for first responder savings programs? Let's find out. The qualifications for a first responder discount are generally the same for all participating auto companies. 

To qualify you must be a:
  • Police Officer 
  • Sheriff / Sheriff's Deputy
  • State Trooper
  • Federal Law Agent/Correctional Officer
  • Firefighter (paid or volunteer)
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Paramedic
  • 911 Dispatcher

Basically, these are all occupations where you provide assistance at the scene of an emergency such as a car accident, fire, natural disaster such as a hurricane of tornado, or a terrorist attack. Due to the corona virus pandemic, many automakers have offered discounts to healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses and nurses' aides, medical technicians, including healthcare workers at hospitals, urgent care, assisted living, research and testing centers and more. These programs are usually extended to spouses of first responders as well. 

Best First Responders Car Deals

Of all the automakers offering bonus cash back and other incentives for first responders and healthcare professionals, General Motors currently offers the highest discounts. GM's First Responder Discount provides special offers and discounts of up to $2,000 off the purchase or lease of a new Buick, GMC, Cadillac, or Chevrolet. Note that discounts vary depending on the model of vehicle you choose. 

The Volvo First Responder Offer gives you $1,000 back from the purchase of a new Volvo or $500 off a new lease car while the VW First Responder Bonus is good for $500 cash back on a new Volkswagen. The $500 bonus seems to be the most popular option for most of the remaining participating automakers. First Responders Bonus Cash of $500 is offered for those who buy or lease a new Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep vehicle. The Ford First Responder Appreciation Program also offers $500 when you buy or lease a Ford or Lincoln, car, truck or SUV and Hyundai has a similar program for its vehicles. 

Other brands such as Acura and Honda offer discounts at participating dealerships. Some incentives include free oil changes. If you are interested in learning more about car buying incentives for first responders, check in with your local Lithia auto dealership. 

How to get First Responder Discounts

Before heading out to your local dealership, make sure you bring along any form of documentation to show you are actively employed as a first responder. This could include documentation proving you are a firefighter, police officer, state certificate or license to prove your status, or a pay stub or ID that proves you are employed at a healthcare facility. 

Ford and General Motors brands require that you use to verify your eligibility. You'll need to bring your driver's license and authorization code to the dealership. Length of employment does not matter so long as you can prove you are an active first responder. 

Keep in mind that dealerships sometimes run local promotions with further savings and incentives for first responders. Separate discounts are available for military personnel. These programs are extended to members of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and National Guard. Military incentives are offered to active-duty members, reservists, military retirees, and veterans who are within a few years of their discharge date. For more information on military discounts, see our article: Car Buying Incentives for Military.